How You’ll Succeed

In simple terms, we are the best of both worlds.

Scouters first opened its doors four decades ago, with one office and one clear mission – to drive business results by matching qualified candidates to the leading companies where those professionals would thrive.

Our recruiters worked side by side to build a company that proudly served its clients and candidates. Over the years we added more than a dozen national offices, expanded our practice groups, hired new associates, instituted corporate methodologies, adopted evolving technologies, and developed industry-leading training and support structures.

But through it all, our mission has never changed. We continue to work side by side, motivated by each other, supported by each other, rewarded by each other. We command the strength and the knowledge of the industry’s most accomplished recruiting experts, all while laughing together over the breakroom table.

When you join Scouters, you join a family of recruiting professionals committed to success – ours, theirs, and yours.

Professional Services is often described as an industry that provides services rather than goods. That certainly rings true for executive recruiting. We don’t make widgets, and we don’t sell widgets.

We are in the business of ‘people’. And successful people are both the source and the result of our efforts. For our own company, we seek to hire the best – motivated professionals who believe in effort, performance, integrity, discretion, and each other.

We consultatively construct corporate matches between companies and professionals that solve current challenges, drive financial performance and achieve business goals. We recognize that hiring decisions impact people, families and careers. Everything we do reflects the importance of each placement, and we commit professionalism and honesty to each and every situation.

We strive to exceed – not just meet – expectations, and we foster a team culture that highly rewards both individual and group success.

Scouters realized long ago that passion and commitment comes in many forms, and we look to hire people who will thrive in this business. Our practice groups are home to the most talented, dedicated, and professional executive recruiters in the industry.

Some associates come to Scouters from other staffing or recruitment firms. They bring with them established recruiting experience and knowledge, and when they combine it with our culture of collegial and collaborative success, the results are incredible.

Other associates began their careers within the sectors they now serve. They garnered first-hand insight, built professional networks and learned the “ins and outs” of the market. At Scouters, we add to their arsenal with comprehensive and ongoing recruitment and search training and coaching, helping to a create a powerful cache of skill and understanding. While prior exposure to the markets we serve is helpful, it is not everything. Some of our top recruiters approached us with a great desire to learn how to become a recruiter with no experience at all, and today they are thriving. After all, recognizing great talent is what we do.

Ethics, honesty, and discretion are a given. If you don’t have them, you don’t belong here. We work in partnership with each other across sectors and across offices, committed to doing the right thing for our clients, our candidates, and our colleagues.

The life stories of our recruiters are as varied as they are impressive. Walk into any Scouters office and you will meet amazing people. From the new search consultant who joined from a small shop staffing firm and is cutting his teeth in executive-level recruiting to the President and CEO herself, a long-tenured Scouters associate who earned the top title after an enduring career of extraordinary success, Scouters is a library of incredible stories.

Nate, Sara, and Charlie are but a few of these narratives. The trails that brought them each to Scouters are wide-ranging, but each of their paths led them here and helped them to create and grow remarkable recruiting careers. Welcome to Scouters.

Meet Nate:
“Because I am a product of West Point and the military, I take it as a personal mission to do well on their behalf. I’m not just placing individuals; I’m placing their families as well.”

Meet Sara:
She “hated” her first job, freely admits to enjoying watching reality TV, knows a smattering of Arabic, and has a pet cat named “Cat”—perhaps not exactly the profile you might expect of one of Scouters Group’s most successful recruiters.

Meet Charlie:
I can’t ask my team to do anything that I haven’t done myself. I need to show them that I’m doing all the same things that they’re doing. Equally as important, I want their success first. My success is through being part of the team.”